About Me



A New England girl in the Bay Area – I love sharing my knowledge about healthy relationships with a passion for self-love as the key ingredient to any successful romance.  I started BecomingWifey as a fun way to share my experiences with dating, relationships, marriage, family building, and the never ending journey to love myself through all of life’s ups and downs. I live with my husband Christopher (Mr.B) our amazing, iconic puppy-girl, Grace Jones (Jones for short), and our newest addition, Baby EJ born 8/25/2020.


Birthday: May 15th

Zodiac Signs: Taurus Sun, Scorpio Rising/Ascending, Sagittarius Moon, Taurus Venus

Things I Love: Coke (the beverage, not the drug), sushi/ceviche, gummy candy, chocolate, baking/cooking, makeup, YouTube story-telling or story time videos, reading, Brene Brown (I am a 50 year old woman at my core), Soul Cycle, SVU, all things true crime, my parents, my small, close friend circle, winter, weed/edibles, the holiday season from Halloween through New Year’s Day, rain, my Commit30 planner, giving advice, tarot cards, astrology, and mimosas…

Things I Don’t Love: rude people, lying for no reason, lack of personal responsibility or accountability, bullies, online trolls, having my picture taken, over the top gender reveal parties, Stans (super fans), PIO injections during IVF, and dark liquor…

On My Bucket List: Travel the world, sky dive, meet and talk to a major celebrity, write and publish a book, earn my PhD, write a film, have a home big enough to host all of my friends for a “20 years later” type of awkward reunion where some deep drama from the past comes out unexpectedly and makes us question the last 20 years of our lives.


All recommendations featured on this blog are a genuine representation of who I am and what I like. I would never suggest anything that I wouldn’t consider for myself. That being said, some of the items featured here may (one day) be gifted or sponsored. If that is ever the case, I will be the first to proudly let you know. I will also let you know if something I am suggesting is biased or recommended subjectively. I’m human and sometimes I support products, people, etc based on my relationships behind the scenes. I’m okay to admit that.

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