Ch-ch-ch-Changes!!! & the Most Beautiful Halo I’ve Ever Seen


Wifeys & Gentlemen,

My apologies (once again) for failing to post last week, but something WONDERFUL has happened and I wanted a little time to sit on the news before I took to the blogsphere to announce some very exciting changes both in my personal life and in the direction of this blog.

Wifeys, this is not a drill! This is what we’ve always talked about! All of my training and bad dating has prepared me for this moment! I’m ready! & I could not be happier to finally let you all know…I AM ENGAGED!

Go ahead and take a moment to let that sink in (I’ve had a fiance for more than a week now and I still don’t quite have my wits about me). The reality is sinking in: my wonderful boyfriend and I have decided to take the plunge into married-life!!! 

Some moments, as I stare into the blinding glittery shimmer of my halo diamond ring, I get lost in a sea of possibility; for the wedding, for the future, for the live I’ve always wanted to lead! This honeymoon phase of engagement feels like a constant celebration. We feel the love and we say it, constantly, wanting to soak up each tiny moment that we can. I have fallen in love with the feeling and it has brought me closer to my fiance in a number of indescribable ways.

Honestly, I thought I would be a little more scared. I thought that getting engaged would have a lot of mixed feelings; excitement, nervousness, tension, fear. I thought it would change us somehow or make us awkward. But no. I know it has not yet been 2 weeks, but I genuinely feel like it has brought a sense of relief and relaxation. If anything has changed, we are closer and more content; buzzing with the excitement of the newness of our lives together. As I mentioned, it’s still early and the plans have yet to begin, but I can promise you with 100% certainty that, thus far, the only emotions I feel consistently are happiness and a lingering (welcome) sense of urgency!

I am, after all, what they call a ‘wedding-girl’. One who has, quite literally, been in the process of dreaming about and planning her nuptials since she was old enough to understand the word “bride”!

Being in love with the idea of love, weddings, and marriage, I feel like I have been prepared for this moment my whole life. Still, there was always the fear that it wouldn’t ever live up to the dream I’d built in my mind. The man, the ring, the love and happiness I was supposed to feel, I worried, would fall tragically short of my expectations.

I suppose that might be true for some, and I would have to think that it was normal, especially if you cannot separate fantasy from reality. However, for me and my intended :-D, I could not have asked for a more perfect, unique, and defining moment to help me confirm my feelings & fully understand the magnitude of the decision we are making. So, on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015, as I stood on the rooftop of my apartment building, decorated in a beautiful blue dress, heart-pounding as I stared into those kind, loving eyes, I knew exactly what perfection was.

Brilliance. In a word, brilliance.

I haven’t stopped smiling.

Perhaps I will save the other details for another post, perhaps I won’t; a girl has to keep some things to herself, right? Still, I wanted to end this very short news-blast by letting all my wifeys and gentlemen know that my commitment to my fiancé will only strengthen my commitment to this blog! In my mind, being engaged offers a wealth of new material for me to use for this website. As I document the real-time journey of actually becoming someone’s wife, I get to offer more support, more wild tales, and more insight into the moments that make all of these (sometimes monotonous/horrid) relationship trials seem worth it.

I promise I will NOT abandon you and I also promise that I will not make this blog ALL about wedding stuff either. I just wanted to make that clear. & hope you are as excited to follow this journey as I am to share it with you.

Until Next Week (with a REAL, lengthy, and normal post)

Carry on Wifeys.


Ms. (soon to be Mrs) Renai.

🙂 ❤

Ps. The above is a picture of my ring in a beautiful lace shoe. (He thought of everything) #swoon

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