Temptation Island: Episode 1

I am so excited to FINALLY present our very first PODCAST! Here, my awesome co-host (aka husband) and I will be talking through the episode #1 of the rebooted reality TV show, Temptation Island.

Keep in mind, we’re still amateurs at this, but we are very confident that we’ll only get better with time! Also…we both have come down with pretty bad colds, so there will be moments where you hear us cough, sniffle, and sneeze….SORRY! Thanks for loving us anyway!

We really really hope you enjoy it!

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that this is for entertainment purposes only and we mean absolutely no harm or offense to anyone listening or anyone who is a part of the show. This is all in good fun and we wish everyone the absolute best, always.

Talk to us in the comments and let us know your thoughts. Also, feel free to connect with us on social media! We’d love to hear from you. You can find Mr.B on twitter  @Social_B_Phlie.

Til Next Week!

🙂 ❤

Mrs. Renai & Mr. B

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