Loving a Capricorn

Wifey’s & Gents!

Is it just me or does it feel like the month of January lasts about 30 years?! Why does it always seem to drag along so agonizingly?

Overall, I can’t really complain. It’s been a pretty solid month. It’s just gone on way too long and I’m so happy that today is the last day! I feel like the rest of the year is going to fly by!

Despite being a little late this month, this year I’d like to include an astrology component into this blog! If you hate astrology, that’s totally fine! Feel free to skip this one and come back in a week or so when I’ve got something new!

For the rest of us, while I don’t think everything about astrology is always correct (and I roll my eyes at those horrid people who use it to explain away their bad behavior), I think it can be a fun and useful tool when it comes to understanding a potential or current partner.

This month, we’re talking…

Who rule the zodiac from: December 22nd- January 20th

Overall, Capricorns are….

  • Ambitious
  • Persistent
  • Polite but direct
  • Passionate
  • Mature and even-tempered
  • Slow to talk about their feelings
  • Very self-conscious/self-aware (doesn’t like to be teased or embarrassed)
  • Disciplined & Focused
  • Reliable/Stable
  • Sarcastic
  • Faithful
  • Awkward
  • Workaholics

Okay, tell me more about the men!

  • They take romance seriously and can be very cautious when pursuing a new love interest
  • He likes to go after what he wants, but it might take him a while to decide if he wants to take the next step
  • He likes to plan out his romantic endeavors and finds comfort and stability in being precise
  • They have a very strong work ethic but they also want to enjoy the balance of work and play (and will make efforts to find balance with the right person)
  • The male Capricorn prefers to be dominant in a relationship, but is always respectful and cares about his partner’s opinion
  • They make great husbands and wonderful fathers.

Capricorn men like to take the lead and are drawn to those who let them do that. While some might feel overwhelmed by the intensity of his attention and doting, all he asks for in return is loyalty and honesty. If you want to attract this man, keep it classy but always make sure to speak your mind.

…and the women?

  • Called one of the most difficult signs to get along with, Capricorn women can come off as serious and reserved (like men, they are very cautious and suspicious when it comes to love)  
  • They are quick witted and have a sharp tongue (sarcastic)
  • They are fiercely loyal
  • They love to have a good time and want to be shown one if they’re dating you
  • A Capricorn lady will keep you laughing with her odd sense of humor
  • Once the “icy” exterior melts away, they are very passionate with strong sex drives
  • They make great wives and wonderful mothers

Capricorn women tend to crave stability and security and are drawn to those who show intellect and social savvy. If you want to attract this woman, make sure your  words match your actions and focus on building trust.

Capricorns are most compatible with…

  • Taurus — simple, practical, and stable this union is extremely successful if each partner is willing to accept the others negative traits (Be careful though, it is easy for this pair to get bored with each other)
  • Virgo — a pragmatic and smart relationship with a great foundation and amazing dedication to each other.
  • Pisces — different temperaments that create a yin and yang type of compatibility (opposites attract)
  • Scorpio — a stable and comfortable relationship that is focused on hard work and pursuing common goals. You can learn a lot from each other

Capricorns are least compatible with…

  • Aries — a Capricorn might be frustrated by an Aries energy and boldness
  • Libra — it might be hard for this pair to find things in common, while opposites do attract, fundamentally different values and opinions can put strain on this union

Sexually speaking…

Capricorns are perceptive and sensual in the bedroom. Many of them view sex as a job that must be done to the absolute highest standard, meaning they are willing to put in the time and effort to completely satisfy their lover. It might take some time for them to overcome their personal reservations, but once they’re comfortable all bets are off! 😉

Do you have any stories or experiences about dating a Capricorn? Let me know in the comments.

Personally, I’ve never dated one, but I have a dear friend who is a Capricorn and I think he’s one of the best men I’ve ever met! (& ladies…he’s single…so if you’re in the Indiana area and looking for love, shoot me a message 🤘🏾)

Until Next Time,

Carry on Wifeys!


Mrs. Renai

🙂 ❤

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