The Age of Aquarius.

Wifey’s and Gents,

Welcome to the month of March! Isn’t it annoying how January drags so slowly and February goes by at lightening speed?

In the spirit of full transparency, this post is about 2 days later than I intended, but better late than never, right?!

I was really excited to research for and write this blog! I have had a few interactions with Aquarians in my time, but I admit that I didn’t know much about their temperament until recently.

January 20th-February 18th

Known as one of the “weirder” signs in the western/tropical zodiac, Aquarians are:

  • Progressive
  • Original
  • Temperamental/Moody
  • Social
  • Very good listeners
  • Intellectual
  • Scared to be alone or lonely
  • Helpful/Generous
  • Argumentative (but does not like to be openly disagreed with)

The Weeknd Is An Aquarius, Right? Tell Me More About The Men…

  • The aquarius man is both extremely imaginative and intelligent. This combination makes them steadfast and resourceful as they are determined to put their ideas into action, especially when those ideas are way outside of the box.
  • Although typically soft spoken and polite, they are non-conformist by nature and do not mind going against the norm or sharing an unpopular opinion.
  • They are unpredictable, which can sometimes mean they are unreliable.
  • Because they dream big, many will find it difficult to live up to this man’s very high expectations.
  • They can be difficult to get close to emotionally and are often hesitant to commit
  • When you’re with this man, rest assured he will be focused on the future and what great things you can build together. However, be cautious as they struggle with living in the moment.
  • They make great fathers, but are not traditionally great partners.

Want to seduce an Aquarius man? Keep your cool. You can’t come on too strong or lead with your emotions or he’ll be too scared to engage. These guys live inside of their minds and the best way to land him is to meet him at his level. Be his muse! Help him sort out the progressive and creative thoughts that race through his mind constantly. Remember to be patient and know that many Aquarius men prefer relationships that begin as friendships. They need time before they can be sure they love you.

And What Is Mariska Hargitay Like In Real Life?

  • These women are direct and assertive; they know what they want and will never compromise their truth.
  • Don’t let the tough, independent exterior fool you though, they are very friendly and effortlessly kind.
  • They are never short on friends and tend to be very popular in their social circles.
  • Romantically, it may be difficult to keep up with this lady’s impractical disposition. She can be very hard to understand, mostly because she’s not willing to admit that she is struggling to clearly express herself.
  • She lives by her own rules and is very in tune with her spirituality and intuition.
  • Living up to their somewhat contradictory nature, these ladies are incredible romantics and will sweep you off your feet if you let them.
  • They make wonderful mothers and partners, but are not always emotionally stable, making both of these relationships challenging.

She longs for great romance and great conversation, but that isn’t going to be enough. To attract and keep an aquarius woman you have to appeal to the many sides of her personality. You have to be willing to go at her pace and keep her interested at every turn. She is looking for the one who stands out and can show her something she’s never seen.

Aquarius Is Most Compatible With…

  1. Gemini this couple has the potential to be a nearly perfect match with strong communication, passion, and an ability to have a great time
  2. Libra this couple will find a remarkably deep intellectual connection
  3. Sagittarius both parties are unpredictable in nature but share an ability to dream big and work together to build an amazing future
  4. Aquariusif this couple can work through their mutual commitment issues, the union is often beautiful and long-lasting

Aquarius May Want To Avoid…

  1. Taurusthis couple will often feel like they’re from two different worlds, making it hard to prioritize each others needs
  2. VirgoThe Virgo is nit-picky and a perfectionist, which clashes with the Aquarian creativity and flow
  3. Scorpiothe Aquarius has a strong chance of feeling smothered by Scorpio’s intensity. This couple is prone to trust and communication problems, hindering healthy intimacy
  4. Capricorn this couple might face challenges with getting a relationship off of the ground. They don’t tend to have much genuine interests in each other and remain at the surface level of emotional connection

Sexually speaking, the Aquarius does not like routine and rarely wants to keep things simple. While they are very in tune with what their partner needs and is able to respond and adapt in the moment, they can be frustratingly hard for their partner(s) to read. In many ways, the Aquarius will view sexual encounters as research into what drives their partner, it is about more than pleasure for them. They desire to connect spiritual with their partner and use sex as another way to get to know them. Never fear; they are very inclined to tell you what they need if they are feeling unfulfilled.

Do any of you have any experiences dating or loving an Aquarius? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Tuned for an exciting month of new blogs and podcasts in celebration of Women’s History Month!

Until Next Time,

Carry on Wifeys!


Mrs. Renai

🙂 ❤

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