Aries Adulation

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

I am so sad to say that my computer is broken and has been taken to the lovely Geniuses at Apple for repairs. I am really hopeful that they’ll be able to find a way to fix it, but until I get some answers, the usual posts for this week are officially suspended. This means that there will be no new podcast episodes and (possibly) no new Sunday posts until I can get my life (or a new machine).

However, because I am (sometimes) tech-savvy and productive, I was able to save some of my planned content to “the cloud”, meaning this month’s astrology post is fired up and ready to go (much like the Aries we’re discussing for this month)

Let’s do this!

As one of  fire signs in the zodiac, Aries are often described as:

  • Adventurous
  • Courageous
  • Adaptable
  • Resilient
  • Lively
  • Passionate
  • Arrogant
  • Impulsive
  • Confrontational
  • Poor finishers
  • Dramatic/Petty

If You’re Trying to Snag an Aries Man…

In addition to the wide variety of common characteristics listed above, Aries men, specifically, require a lot of attention. Initially, this man might present as narcissistic but you’ll soon learn that (at least for most of them) this is more of a sense of self-assuredness than true self-absorption.

Simply put, the Aries man is good at what he does and he knows it.

Privately, you might be surprised at the raw vulnerability your guy is willing to show. Despite their tough, confident exterior, many are big softies whose feelings are easily hurt. Still, he is a warrior for the causes and people he believes in. His enthusiasm and aggression get shit done and often result in their uncanny ability to make “big things” happen in their careers and environment.

Be warned that his personality is usually extreme. There is no “middle ground” with an Aries. Be clear about what you need and want from him and be ready to stand up for yourself if/when his temper and aggression tries to run you over. He’ll keep you safe, laughing, and comfortable if you remember not to meet his intensity with fear.

Okay, Seems Easy Enough… What About the Ladies?

Aries women tend to be independent, confident, and bold. They enjoy taking life’s challenges head on and want to live to their fullest potential. Being in tune with themselves and their identities, they want to be seen as the intelligent, strong, no nonsense women that they are. However, this desire if often clouded by overly dramatic displays of their emotions and opinions.

They are extremely driven and goal oriented, but their lack of consistency and discipline often means that they miss out on opportunities for advancement or growth. They do not shy away from competition or battles of wills, but don’t mistake this as a bad thing; Aries women value fairness and balance in their pursuits. They want their win fair and square.

Still, these women have a very open and trusting view of the world. They are extremely susceptible to heartbreak and pain, so don’t manipulate them or you’ll catch the full wrath of their fire. Be honest and upfront with your intentions and your relationship (should) remain positive.

Take care that they too can be aggressive, temperamental, and domineering. They love a partner who won’t back down.

Aries are Typically Most Compatible With…

  • Sagittarius – this sign has the high energy and positivity to match the gusto of Aries. They both love to be active, social and spontaneous, making their relationship really fun and entertaining. They also have some of the strongest sexual compatibility, making for harmony in other aspects of their relationships.
  • Leo – If this couple can learn to share the spotlight and give as much as they receive, they can have a very powerful and successful relationship. This union also comes with the promise of a dynamic and adventurous sex life. Still, this relationship takes a lot of work and might not last very long without a willingness to make efforts and compromises.
  • Gemini – This is a vibrant relationship full of fun and vitality. The Gemini and Aries will love sharing their knowledge with each other and taking turns when it comes to “taking the lead” in directing their lives. This union has the potential to withstand the test of time if both parties are kind and empathetic with each other.

And They Are Least Compatible With…

  • Virgo – Aries’ arrogance clashes with the Virgo’s need to critique and correct. There is also very little sexual chemistry here as the Virgo is more reserved and needs time to warm up to their partner. The Virgo also refuses to engage with an Aries’ aggressive, short-tempered nature.
  • Capricorn – Despite both signs being natural born leaders, it is difficult for them to see eye to eye about method. They often clash with their ideas and are prone to fight over major decisions that affect their lives and relationship; money, home, raising children, religious beliefs, etc. Moreover, the Aries needs adventure and vitality while the Capricorn is more steadfast and traditional. In this case, opposites DO NOT attract.
  • Taurus – These two signs have very different ways of approaching life. The Aries is an energetic go getter and the Taurus is slow-starting and cautious about the moves they make. Tauruses also like to save money and spend time working toward financial goals and freedoms while the Aries enjoys spending the money they make and enjoying life in the moment. While balance can be achieved when both parties are willing to work for it, these unions tend to be very short lived.

Sexually speaking, Aries are passionate and animalistic!

😉 😉

Many would describe them as eager to please and blessed with incredible amount of stamina and a strong work-ethic. (which has to be kind of interesting from a sexual perspective, right?)

Does anyone have any good stories about dating an Aries? Are you an Aries who disagrees with what this blog has to say? Let me know in the comments below!

& Good luck to those who are trying to build a strong relationship with one! Rumor has it that they’re pretty hard to pin down but you’re super lucky if/when you succeed!

Until Next Time,

Carry On Wifeys!


Mrs. Renai

🙂 ❤

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