Wanna Hook Up?

Wifey’s & Gentlemen, 

Summer marks the official end of cuffing season, right? It’s kind of funny, isn’t it?

The way we tend to change when the weather gets warm and the sun comes out; we break out our sun dresses and strappy sandals, we buy festival tickets, take road trips, and plan on having ‘epic’ moments with our family and friends (I hate the word epic, but it seemed like the right time to use it).

For many adults, especially in their 20s and 30s, summer is also the best time to be single. 

Whether you want to act up with your friends or enjoy a summer fling, the possibilities for connecting with others have become nearly limitless! Nowadays, with the help of handy, convenient dating apps, you can literally ‘connect’ with someone nearby at the mere touch of a button. This week, as a special summer treat, I wanted to help out my single wifeys/gents with a breakdown of the best “hook up” apps you might want to test out this summer.

For those of you who are interested in long-term relationships, don’t be mad! Next week, I’m going to offer a breakdown of the best apps to use for ‘more-than-casual’ dating. Sit tight, I gotchu!

While I do realize this blog is normally geared toward folks who want to establish and maintain long-term relationships, remember that we were all young and single once in our lives! I fully support having a healthy, fun, single life! Dating apps are a great way to enjoy casual fun without the pressure of trying to build a serious relationship. If you’re still looking not ready to settle down or want to take a break after a bad breakup, read on….

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I was NOT able to test out these websites personally. My ratings are based on research, reviews, and first-hand accounts from people I know who have used them.

My TOP  Dating Apps For Hooking Up 

4. Blendr 

Allegedly, Blendr is the heterosexual version of “Grindr” (although they accept LGBTQ members as well). If you don’t know what Grindr is, we’ll get to it later, but to keep a long story short, it’s a hookup/dating style app geared toward the queer community. Blendr isn’t a very popular app, having only a few million users. However, they boast a fun, casual community of singles who desire relaxed, no-strings-attached connections (at least most of them, anyway). If you’re willing to ignore the shady profiles (ie: black market transactions, sex trafficking, prostitution, drugs, porn, etc), Blendr is user friendly, free, and engaging for its users. One old friend of mine noted that even though she never went on any actual dates, she developed great text and phone relationships with a couple of guys that were fun distractions during a rough breakup. Manage your expectations here, folks!

3. Happn

Researching Happn was interesting because I don’t know that I love the concept but I get what they are going for…I think? Happn is a location based website that matches potential partners based on their proximity. They emphasize that not all encounters should be left entirely to chance, aiming to match customers with the people they see regularly; whether at their local grocery store or on their morning commute. While this app has potential to be quite serendipitous if you hit it off with your match, remember, it does NOT match users based off of overlapping personality traits! Be warned, should things not work out with your new hookup buddy, you might still have to see them around the neighborhood (awkward). Be discerning when meeting and hooking up with matches; the selection pool is small and begging to set users up for some suuuuper uncomfortable situations! Still, Happn is really user friendly and great for singles who live in big cities (not great at all for my singles in small towns).

2. Grindr

If you haven’t heard of Grindr and are a member of the gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer communities you are in for a real treat! Originally designed as a “quick hookup” app, Grindr was similar to Happn in that they matched users based on location and proximity (with a few other filters mixed in). However, over time, Grindr has opened up it’s options, allowing people the chance to develop more meaningful relationships if they choose. Despite this, Grindr is still very much about hooking up. One of my dear friends even suggested that it’s a great “go to” option for when you’re single & bored at home or if you didn’t meet anyone out at the bars/clubs. Unfortunately, I have heard that the app is not great for women, does anyone know if this is true? To all my ladies who don’t fit in at Grindr, check out apps like HER, Fem, and Scissr for a more welcoming space.

1. Tinder 

Of course this had to be number 1. Now I’m sure we all know someone who met their fiancé on Tinder! I’m not saying that these apps can’t be used for multiple purposes. Realistically speaking though, Tinder has become a millennial hook-up haven. First, users are asked to upload pictures and profile information. Using this info and multiple additional factors including personality, location, and self-reported preferences, they are offered a series of matches within a previously selected radius (typically based on where the user lives or is visiting). What’s awesome about this app is its popularity! There is access to millions of different people around the world and it’s super easy to use. Additionally, users have the option to pay for the extended services that offer them lager visibility and even greater opportunities with connect with matches and peers. Be warned, Tinder was designed for college students and young adults. Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but if you’re getting on in years and using Tinder for hookups, please remember to check I.D ;-).

Wifeys & Gents, it is so so important that you are safe and smart when using these apps! Again, there is no shame in casual hookups or flings, but there is shame is being unsafe and unscrupulous. Pro tips?

  • Please be discerning with your personal information and what you decide to share online. 
  • Always meet someone in a public place first before deciding whether you want to hook up. 
  • Be sexually safe; use condoms, keep up with birth control, get tested regularly, and always give and receive express consent. 
  • Lying about your age isn’t cute, don’t do it! 
  • Using fake pictures/catfishing isn’t cute, don’t do it! 
  • Don’t end up on Paternity Court. 
  • Don’t be dumb. You know what dumb means. Don’t be dumb. 
  • Don’t be one of those miserable losers who makes promises they can’t keep to get laid
  • Don’t be one of those idiots who falls for someone’s fake lines and bullshit tactics to get you into bed.

I want you all to have the best HOT GIRL/GUY/NONBINARY SUMMER you possibly can! In addition to hooking up, take time to meet new people and try new things; make new friends and keep an open heart.

Have a story about using these apps? Is there anything I might have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Come back next week where I’ll give you the lowdown on the apps that are best in the game if you wanna find love; I’ll even mention a few you might want to avoid.

Until Next Time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents, 


Mrs. Renai 

🙂 ❤

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