Love for the Leos

Wifey’s & Gentlemen, 

So here we are at the start of September, getting ready to close out the summer and bring in the fall. I, for one, am really really excited for the fall season as it has always been one of my favorites. I might have mentioned this before, but I really do not care for summer. Sure, there are things I love; my husband gets time off from school, it’s nice enough to go to the beach, and people are in much better moods. Despite all that, while I love living in an area that doesn’t get crazy snowstorms in the winter, being hot is just as bad, if not worse for a girl like me. 

Dramatic? Yes! But I really hate the heat ya’ll.

CA is so so hot around this time of year. We get temps in the friggin 100s sometimes! 


Speaking of heat, today we are going to discuss everyone’s favorite fire sign; the Leo. Whether you love them, or you hate them, the Leo has a lot of fun and fascinating traits that draw people in. Some might say they are:  

  • Vivacious 
  • Spoiled
  • Attention-seeking 
  • Protective 
  • Passionate 
  • Supportive
  • Direct/Straightforward 
  • Egotistical 
  • Impatient 
  • Proud 

Leo’s are natural born leaders, despite being characterized as dramatic and domineering, they are difficult to resist and can achieve anything they set their minds to. Not surprisingly, Leo’s have a “king of the jungle” or “lion” mentality that gives them strength, courage, and confidence. They tend to have many friends and are very generous, giving spirits. If they care for you, they will show you fierce loyalty and kindness. Leo’s are great at unifying different groups of people for a common goal, using their dynamic sense of humor and ability to collaborate well with others as their primary resources. 

Twitter Always ‘Shades’ the Leo Man, Tell Me All About Him: 

  1. Although he can seem nonchalant, he likes to be in control of his situation. He gages the effect he is having on others and cares deeply about how he’s being received. 
  2. He is often seen as the “life of the party” and will work the room, bouncing from group to group and in and out of various conversations. He’s the guy who break dances in the middle of the room or is the first to suggest a fun party game to get people excited. 
  3. He has good intentions but can often come off as overbearing or intense. He likes to show off and will always find a way to shift the limelight to his direction. 
  4. He is passionate when he finds romance, craving warmth, companionship, and intense levels of intimacy. Be prepared for PDA, continuous flirtation, and lots of attention. 
  5. Be warned, the Leo man needs attention and does not do well with being ignored. If he feels he isn’t getting the attention he needs, he might be prone to acting out or testing your boundaries to reclaim his position in your life. 

People look to the Leo man for answers even when he isn’t in a position of power. His confidence and knowledge make him a reliable person in a variety of settings. Leo men make great father’s and decent husbands, as long as their partner is able to regularly cater to their ego. They take the role of fatherhood very seriously and will champion and protect their offspring with energy, enthusiasm, and pride. 

They Aren’t Super Nice about the Women Either, Right?: 

  1. She is often very attractive and draws the eye when entering a room. Moreover, the Leo woman is known for being well put together and having a great sense of style. She knows how to wear clothes that compliment her body and will not leave the house unless she feels like she looks her best. 
  2. She is an entertainer with sophisticated, elevated tastes. While she might not be “the life” of the party, she is the mastermind behind the party. Where the men are good at getting a party going and keeping it lively, the women are some of the best party and event planners around. They love to entertain.  
  3. She enjoys being romanced and views love and relationships as afine art. She cares about the experience of being in love and will employ various techniques to heighten her romantic connections. 
  4. She is fearless and charismatic, needing room to take charge and feel like she is in control (this is true in both personal and professional settings). 
  5. Despite how she appears on the outside, inside she is very sensitive and her feelings are easily hurt. Be warned, she does not handle criticism well. She needs to feel supported, appreciated, and needed in order to thrive. 

The Leo woman can often be the ray of sunshine you didn’t know you needed. If the Leo man is generous, the woman is exceptionallygenerous, wanting to give their all to causes and people that matter to them the most. Be warned, they can be very materialistic and like to spend money on things that will get them noticed by others. Like their male counterparts, they have a big ego, but are better able to control this when there is a lot at stake. They have high expectations of their partners, which can be daunting. Still, they make wonderful wives and mothers and are some of the best friends you can have in your corner. 

Leos are Most Compatible with: 

  • Aries ♈️: One of the most compatible matches, this pair will experience a wonderful sex life and a deep understanding of each other with minimal effort. Your personalities complement each other nicely, making you a great, dynamic duo.  
  • Gemini ♊️: This match has great chemistry. Expect a partnership that is very social, playful, and fun, but be sure to set clear boundaries as both parties like attention and can often get in trouble with their flirtatious nature. 
  • Sagittarius ♐️: Another great match, this partnership has a lot in common and brings a lot of energy to each other. You are both generous and optimistic but be careful as your mutually stubborn natures can make for some intense fights/arguments.  
  • Libra ♎️: This is a case of opposites attracting; the combination of intellect and passion. This partnership is very creative and will push each other romantically. 

Leos are Least Compatible with: 

  • Taurus ♉️: This relationship is a battle. Taurus is practical and patient, but this quickly runs out when trying to connect with a passionate and egotistical Leo. Leo’s will be frustrated by the Taurus’ lack of attention and stubborn nature. 
  • Scorpio ♏️: These signs are both very strong and their energy has a way of cancelling each other out. They are both stubborn, dramatic, and argumentative, which makes for great make up sex ;-). However, the possessive Scorpio will have a hard time coping with the Leo’s flirtatious nature.  

Sexually speaking, being with the Leo is its own fun, often unique adventure. While they do need lots of attention in order to experience true pleasure, they are very attentive in return and are described as thoughtful lovers who feel accomplished when treating their partner well. 

Who out there has dated a Leo? I want all the tea! Are they really as crazy as the folks on Twitter say? Let me know in the comments! 

Until Next Time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents.


Mrs. Renai 

🙂 ❤

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