Vibe with Virgo

Wifey’s & Gentlemen, 

How is everyone handling the recent Libra energy that has settled upon us? A cute astrologist that I follow on Twitter told me that I shouldn’t have too much to worry about this season, but I’m not sure if I’m really off the hook; I’ve been oddly emotional these past few days.

Anyone else? 

Today, we’re taking a step back from Libra SZN and revisiting the perfect world of Virgo! Some traits that are often used to describe the Virgos include: 

  • Deep/Critical Thinkers
  • Hardworking
  • Responsible & Reliable 
  • Organized 
  • Meticulous/Perfectionists 
  • Overcritical & Judgmental 
  • Harsh/Sharp Tongued 
  • Modest/Conservative 
  • Fastidious 
  • Kind 

The Virgo, despite some negative press, is a naturally humble, down to earth person who wants to be seen as fair and selfless. They are often seen as “perfectionists”, and while this is typically true, it is rarely a weakness. Virgo’s are incredibly intelligent and analytical people, wanting to approach new challenges with a sound, well-thought-out plan. 


  • The Virgo man is sharp and quick on his feet. He works hard to keep his world as organized and orderly as possible. 
  • He is a classic overthinker and can have a hard time letting things go. He strives to “make sense” of concepts he does not understand and can become obsessed over the details. Without tasks that challenge and stimulate him, he can quickly turn into a ball of anxiety and worry. 
  • He is a ‘classic man’ and is best matched with someone who can either match this level or be consistently fascinated by and/or interested in his unique and erudite tastes. 
  • The Virgo is an old-fashioned romantic with an open heart. 
  • He makes a great husband and dedicated father. 

The Virgo man is not for everyone. However, if you need someone to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”, Virgo is your guy. He is both hardworking and efficient in all things, especially love. He has a great sense of duty to his partner and likes to be certain that they are loyal before making them a fixture in their lives.

Ruled by Mercury, he is thoughtful, considerate, and loves to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever he is able. He craves stability and strives to be the perfect partner as long as he feels appreciated and seen. While he will often need a little reassurance before he can come out of his shell, there is a relaxed and eager lover waiting for you when you break down his barriers.


  • The Virgo lady is a logical thinker with a long and amazing memory. 
  • While they often come across as shy, quiet, and introverted they rarely back down from a challenge and are eager to prove themselves; they work hard and are dedicated to the task at hand. 
  • Always ready to take on a new challenge, the Virgo lady often forgets to slow down and take care of herself. She is guilty of saying “yes” to everything and is prone to moments of burnout and extreme physical and emotional fatigue. 
  • Sensation and experience are more important to her than emotion and imagination. Her feet are firmly planted, and she knows exactly what she wants. 

Beyoncé (and other strong female Virgo bosses out there) do not easily lean into love and romance. It takes true effort and consistency to win her heart. However, once the love and trust are established, the recipient can expect a profound and meaningful type of caring and intention from their Virgo woman. With trust, she can overcome her shyness and develop into a passionate and exciting partner. 


  1. Taurus ♉️: A reliable, honest, and straightforward partnership; you make a great team and tend to be very financially stable and comfortable together. 
  2. Cancer ♋️: This union has a very strong physical connection/sexual chemistry. When you can overcome each other’s shortcomings and truly learn from each other, you can go the distance. 
  3. Scorpio ♏️: Focus on and develop a strong sense of gratitude for your differences and you will have a deep, exciting, and truly soul-quenching relationship (no matter how long it lasts). 
  4. Capricorn ♑️: They say opposites attract, but sometimes what’s best for us is someone familiar. This relationship, though slow and boring to outsiders, is perfect in nearly every way; just focus on staying emotionally connected as you both have a tendency to be distant and inside your own worlds.


  1. Gemini ♊️: Both signs are chronic over-thinkers who have trouble getting out of their own heads. While a good relationship isn’t impossible, it is difficult for them to avoid judging and criticizing each other.  
  2. Sagittarius ♐️: Despite good intentions, this union is prone to many challenges; lack of emotional understanding, lack of intimacy, and an overall lack of respect for the other’s way of thinking. They might have a chance if they can discover ways to complement each other’s strengths and compensate for weaknesses. 

Because they are always improving, Virgos tend to be focused on how to ‘perfect’ their sexual performance instead of being in the moment or emotionally expressive. This doesn’t mean that Virgo is cold in bed, but might need some help to realize that they don’t have to try so hard.

So, what do you guys think? Would you or have you ever dated a Virgo? Are you a Virgo who has preferences on which signs you’re most compatible with?

Leave me some comments and share your stories! 

Until Next Time,

Carry On Wifeys & Gents!


Mrs. Renai 

🙂 ❤

Be a lamb and tell your friends….

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