Seducing A Sagittarius

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

We’re a little early this time around, but I am super excited to round out our year of astrological posts with some tea on the Sagittarius. Admittedly, I didn’t know a lot about this sign going in. While my husband and I are both Sag moons, I don’t have many other Sagittarius placements in my life to draw from. Someone out there is going to have to let me know if this is accurate or nah, ok?

To get things started, you should know that the Sagittarius is:

  • Optimistic
  • Philosophical
  • Adventurous
  • Self-Indulgent
  • Impatient
  • Hurtfully Blunt
  • Argumentative
  • Social
  • Charming
  • Academic/Scholarly
  • Talkative
  • Hot-Headed

Known in the astrological world as a “mutable” sign, the Sag is adaptable and flexible. They are natural born explorers who crave adventure and thrive off of regular, unexpected changes. It is critical that a Sagittarius has the freedom to roam and find their own way in the world. Trying to limit or restrict a Sag draws out many of their negative traits.

A Sagittarius Man Is…

  1. An easygoing gentleman that thrives on making memories and having amazing experiences.
  2. A lover of nature and wide open spaces; he cannot stand to be fenced in and will often react strongly/harshly if you should try.
  3. An independent man who works hard for what he wants and does not like to rely on others to survive.
  4. Extremely impulsive and flighty.
  5. Lucky; good fortune seems to follow him everywhere he goes. While he might appear to take this luck for granted, that isn’t always the case. He is accustomed to things working out for the best.

These men have a powerful, magnetic quality that makes them both attractive and very easy to love. Be careful not to fall for them too hard or too fast; the Sag man is all about the hunt and likes to feel like he’s in pursuit of his partner. Overwhelming devotion might scare him away and while Mrs. Renai does not condone playing games, I’d say make yourself a little more scarce if you’re trying to attract this man. They have a reputation for being ‘players’ who are more about the thrill of a fun, short-term fling than a serious relationship. Of course, it is possible to enjoy a long-term, committed relationship with a Sagittarius man; they are very loyal and can be devoted to those they view as their perfect match.

Enjoy him as much as you can for as long as you can, and be ready for anything. 😉

A Sagittarius Woman Is…

  1. Positive and optimistic about life.
  2. Very energetic and excited about what the day will bring. Having her in your life is like having a strong cup of delicious coffee!
  3. Friendly, free-spirited, and calm; she appears to be everyone’s best friend and people are drawn to her open spirit.
  4. Honest and confident, making it very easy for others to fall for her.
  5. A true vagabond. She often chases what is new and unknown to her; new ideas, new places, new faces. She is the type to move into a new apartment every year or constantly change jobs.

Like the Sagittarius man, this woman is hard to pin down and does not easily commit in relationships. Be warned that while this woman is less likely to “cheat” on her lover, she is very easily distracted by the idea of new love and can find herself swept off of her feet at a moments notice. The many lovers in her wake will spend lots of time pining for her; she is hard to get over and even harder to tie down. She is not held back by outdated gender roles and lives life on her own terms, making her one of the best women to spend time with. She’s a blast! Be patient with her and trust that she means what she says.

If she loves you, she always will. Let her be the free-spirit she is and she will always come back.

Next Time, Miley Cyrus Should Date A…

  • Aries ♈︎: The Sag will find Aries independence reassuring and welcoming. Aries isn’t needy or clingy and will not make Sag feel smothered or overwhelmed.
  • Leo ♌︎: Never a dull moment with these strong fire signs, this couple has intense passion and great chemistry. They are an energetic, fun-loving, and (at times) explosive match with loads in common!
  • Libra ♎︎: The Libra is an exceptionally charismatic, attractive, and optimistic partner which are all PERFECT qualities for the Sag. Despite their obvious differences, this union stays fresh and engaging, keeping each other on their toes.
  • Aquarius ♒︎: With their forward thinking, intellectual prowess this couple makes a great team! They have many things in common, great chemistry, and have the potential to be soul mates in many situations.

Tiffany Haddish Should Probably Avoid…

  • Virgo ♍︎: Despite the fact that Sag will find a Virgo intellectually stimulating, Virgo is viewed as too predictable and meticulous for them. This couple has a hard time understanding and respecting each other’s needs and viewpoints, making the relationship feel like work.
  • Pisces ♓︎: While there is bound to be an undeniable physical attraction between these signs, their personalties are fundamentally different. It is hard for this couple to see eye to eye on many aspects of life and relationships, creating lots of obstacles to their harmony.

Sexually speaking, the Sagittarius has sex the same way they live life; fast and loose. Of course, this isn’t at all a bad thing! If you’re down to try a lot of different positions, break a sweat, and put in the work, a Sag sexual encounter will teach you lots of things you probably didn’t know! They treat sex like training for a marathon.

So, am I way off the mark here? Anyone have any stories about a Sagittarius they’ve dated? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back Monday and Tuesday to close out my posts for 2019!

Until then,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


Mrs. Renai

🙂 ❤

Be a lamb and tell your friends…🐑🐑🐑…🐑🐑🐑…🐑🐑🐑…

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