Wifeys & Gentlemen, 

On 5/15/2021, I turned 34 years old. 

It was largely unremarkable. 

Of course, I enjoyed my weekend immensely… 

My parents came into town for a visit, which is always fun and soul-filling for me. 

My husband was a doll as usual. We got some delicious sandwiches and rented out a movie theater for the two of us to enjoy a COVID safe experience, complete with popcorn, soda, and Twizzlers (which are so much better than Red Vines). #iSaidWhatiSaid We haven’t been to a movie since March of 2020 and we used to go almost every weekend.

I even got a sweet little gift from my baby bug. 

On my actual birthday my besties hosted a wonderful family brunch! My baby got to meet another baby and my homegirl put her whole foot in some delicious, homemade food. 

I was also blessed with a much needed girls night. Looking very cute (if I do say so myself), we ate some AMAZING Peruvian tapas, drank cocktails, and then enjoyed a little too much champagne.

I am always so grateful for those “guilt free” mom evenings. I love getting dressed up with my friends and turning heads; us moms need to know we still got “it”

Of course, girl’s nights are never really guilt free, are they? I always feel bad for leaving my husband home alone or missing out on goodnight kisses, but despite that little twinge, I lived my best life last weekend. 

& followed it up by a nice week off to transition from my old job to my next. 

I guess it was unremarkable because, unlike most years, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. 34 is an uneventful age.

Nothing really new or exciting happens at 34. 

It’s simply the set up for 35; your last “fun” year before crash-landing into your 40s. 

…Or so I’m told.

Tonight, after posting this blog, I will pour a glass of red wine and take a bubble bath. I will spend the first 1/2 of the bath meditating, chanting, and trying to check-in with myself. Only a few short weeks ago, I spent time begging the universe for change and it came in like a wrecking ball! 

Wrecking Ball GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

I am ready, for the most part. 

& I am feeling really good about what is ahead. 

But it is also a lot of things. Life has been emotionally exhausting. 

After my bath, I’ll steam my face and take extra delicate time with my skincare routine.

I will give myself an important pep talk; one where I hype myself up, speak healing into the spaces where I am most insecure, and ask my angles & ancestors to keep up the excellent work. I’ll make time for a (short) birthday tarot reading, have a late dinner, and spend time with my husband before trying to get to bed early(ish). 

Tomorrow, I will begin a new job; an opportunity I’m trying to take somewhat seriously and use to my maximum advantage. 

I will consider how we’ll adjust once my husband and I have to commute into work; will EJ enjoy daycare?

I’ll likely panic Google reputable daycare centers and compare them to the outlandish cost of nannies. 

I will get distracted and start looking at available houses that are closer to my new office. 

I will remember that I need to start planning my daughter’s first birthday party. 

Going to bed early turns into lying awake and overthinking myself to sleep. My inability to calm my mind turns into the weirdest dreams!  

This is 34. 

I am so excited, but also very calm, very casual. 

I am feeling minimal, neutral, and ordinary…in the best possible ways. 

Until next time,

Carry on wifeys & gents! 


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Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

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