The I Definitely Do Podcast: Episode 34

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

Happy Tuesday!

I admit, I am not that happy.

Mrs. Renai & Mr.B are tired!

As you may or may not know, we are moving into our new home this week. Of course, this is really exciting and we are so pumped for everything that comes with this house, but it isn’t without its trials and tribulations.

We are still packing.

We are still ordering furniture and household items.

The baby is moody in the wake of all this change.

I am moody because of the mounting list of things I’ve yet to do!

In a nutshell? Moving is the worst and I cannot wait for the house to just be beautiful and perfect and completely unpacked.

That being said! We are on time with the podcast this week, ya’ll <3.

As promised, this week will be our 2nd “advice only” episode. If you’re new here, this just means that instead of our usual, random topics, this week will we focus on answering real relationship questions and giving our ‘above average’ advice!

Today’s topics include:

  • Should I tell people I’m dating about my abortion?
  • Am I overreacting to my boyfriend’s comments?
  • Can I ask for more details about my boyfriend’s past?
  • AITA for being angry with my wife?

As always, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy recording.  ❤

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Until next time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


Mrs. Renai & Mr. B  

🙂 ❤

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