Loving Your Logical Libra

Wifeys & Gentlemen, 

I try not to judge people based on their zodiac sign. Honestly, it doesn’t always work. Still, I try to put my gut reactions aside for 2 main reasons: 1) did you know that every person has traits of every zodiac sign within their personality? Each zodiac sign is representative of an archetype of the human experience. We are all capable of showing shades of every sign, depending on our life trajectories. (2) did you know that your sun sign is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to your habits and traits? It is our rising and moon signs that give us a more robust picture of the people we are; our sun sign is more indicative of the people we will become as we grow and develop.

Despite knowing all of this, I still struggle with my appreciation of Libras.

Don’t misunderstand, in my lifetime I have met a handful of Libras who I absolutely adore; clearly this aversion is superficial at best. BUT the worst ex I’ve ever had…dare I say,  the worst person I’ve ever dated was (is) a Libra. & that man was (is) a HUGE yikes!


Generally speaking, Libras are: 

  1. Charming 
  2. Romantic 
  3. Compassionate 
  4. Fair Minded/Balanced 
  5. Indecisive 
  6. Unreliable 
  7. Manipulative 
  8. Lazy 
  9. Social
  10. Curious

Known as the most charming sign in the zodiac, the Libra just “gets” people and knows what makes them tick. They have lots of energy and draw people to them with their raw, natural social skills. People born under this sign, like the Taurus, are ruled by Venus; the planet of love and beauty. They are among some of the most creative signs and are known to be very expressive. 

Ever Wonder What it’s Like to Date Will Smith?

The Libra man has his own brand of sexy. Even if he isn’t the most conventionally attractive guy, people are willing to give him a shot because he’s alluring in a variety of other ways. Additionally: 

  • Libra men embrace their wild side and are great at bringing that out in their partners. 
  • Refined, classy, and caring, these gents are extremely romantic and seductive. They work hard at making their relationships deep and meaningful. They always want to find ways to improve or learn something new. 
  • Libra men tend to have a crazy social life and lots of friends. If you’re the jealous type, be warned that while your Libra man will always care about you and your needs, you might feel like you need to compete with their friends for attention or time.
  • While they tend to be egotistical in nature, Libra men are also often depressed. Their deep desire to see the world as fair and beautiful clashes with its harsh reality, making them prone to be a little sadder and more anxious than some. 

Rest assured that your man will be nothing if not loyal. Although my ex was a lying, cheating, manipulative bastard, the average Libra man likes to be committed and settled in his relationships. At times, his partner might question where they stand or feel ignored by him; try to remember that he is friendly and treats everyone as though they are special to him. Keep things fresh with this man and make efforts to get into his social circle as the opinion of his friends means everything to him.  

What About Women Like Kim Kardashian West?

Yes, she’s a Libra too….

Like their male counterparts, Libra women are classy and sophisticated with an elegant sense of fashion and astonishingly good taste. She has an eye for quality and seeks to see the good in everything and everyone. Moreover: 

  • Libra women take relationships very seriously and don’t tend to stay single for very long. They value loyalty and commitment from their partner and can be very unforgiving if this covenant is broken. 
  • She is obsessed with fairness and compromise to the point of it being detrimental. Her desire to avoid conflict or confrontation can often force her to remain in unhappy situations where she is always trying to “make it work”.
  • Be warned, Libra women have expensive taste and tend to bond well with partners that can show them the finer things. While she is not judgmental or lacking in compassion for financial hardship, her practical nature makes it more likely for her to choose stability in love. 
  • Don’t try to poke your nose in her business! Libra women value intimacy and intimate conversations in the highest regard. She will reserve these deep connections for those she loves most and those who make her feel safe. 

Remember that she is looking for a partner and not a puppy or a boss. Libra women value teamwork and partnership and want to feel like they are getting as much as they are giving. Like the Libra man, she values the opinion of her friends very highly. Do not approach her if you are sloppy or flakey and be the type of lover that is willing to stand with her when it matters most. 


  1. Gemini ♊️– This is the type of relationship that will make other people jealous. It’s perfect! These signs connect on nearly every level and tend to be very in sync with each other’s needs. Creative, social, classy, and outgoing you make time for both romance and intellect equally. Even your negative qualities tend to match each other well, so there is no judgement or serious arguments to stress over in this union.
  2. Aquarius ♒️ – This union is light and fun as these signs have a lot in common and share a deep, organic mental connection. They are adventurous, logical, and great with communication, making it easy for them to get along and blur the lines between lovers and best friends. Watch out for moments where Libra can be bossy and Aquarius can be sneaky/rebellious and you will have smooth sailing. 


  1. Cancer ♋️ – The main issue in this relationship is that Libra is looking for a cerebral connection while Cancer is looking for an emotional one. Cancer also tends to be a bit moodier and more unpredictable in their relationships and they need someone who can flow with them and understand their shifts. Libra wants stability and harmony in their relationship and the Cancer’s volatility can pose a threat to that existence. If you decide to try and make this work, have patience and learn how to love each other without judgements. 
  2. Capricorn ♑️ – For Capricorn, the Libra might come off as a little to disorganized and chaotic for their taste. While they might be initially drawn into Libra’s spontaneous and adventurous side, they crave a less childish type of connection and stability. A union between these signs can go either way, if each person is willing to be open and listen they have a chance to do well. 

Because of their charming nature, a Libra is usually interested in and ready for sex pretty early on in a relationship. Libras require a mental connection in order to really enjoy sex; the physical aspect is important, but secondary. Libra wants to get inside your mind. They are easy going and flirtatious in bed.

So, who out there has dated a Libra? Were you compatible? Are you still together? Leave me a comment and restore my faith in the Libra men! 😉

Until Next Time,

Carry On Wifeys & Gents!


Mrs. Renai 

🙂 ❤

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