Temptation Island S2E7: A Podcast

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

It’s time for the dreaded 30 second messages and, although less dramatic than season one, I dare say that these do not disappoint!

What did you all think of this episode? Are you guys as over Casey and David and we are cuz…🙄.

We also get some pretty surprising eliminations this week! Mr. B has a theory that maybe some of the guests from day one have already been eliminated without our knowledge. Low key, I agree because WHERE ARE THE OTHER SINGLES?!

I swear we keep seeing the same 5-6 people and don’t even know the names of everyone in each house! WTF?!

Let us know in the comments if you think there is a conspiracy going on here!

We really hope you enjoy this week’s recap and that you have an amazing holiday weekend!

Eat lots of food and enjoy time with the people who make your heart smile! We are so thankful that you choose to spend time with us.

Until Next Time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


Mrs. Renai & Mr. B

🙂 ❤

Be a lamb and tell your friends…

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