What is a Soulmate Anyway?

Wifeys & Gentlemen, 

In my last post, I talked about some things you can look for if you think your partner might be “the one”. For those of us who believe in our “one true love” or “soulmate” I briefly wanted to outline the differences between soulmates, twin flames, and kindred spirits. 

I recently became very interested in learning more about tarot and astrology. In this journey (which is full of TONS of information and truly an ongoing process) I actually discovered that there is a difference between these three categories. Previously, I assumed that the terms were largely interchangeable. So, for those of us who believe in this kind of thing, I thought it might be fun to quickly breakdown the differences and see what you guys think! 

Remember, as I’ve said a lot this month, love exists in so many different ways and has many, amazing forms. All forms of love and spiritual connection deserve to be honored and celebrated. Don’t feel bad or lost or confused if you don’t have a certain type of love in your life right now. Appreciate the love you have an keep yourself open for more beautiful things to come. ❤

Kindred Spirits 

Kindred spirits are people you encounter that just seem to get you. Although the connection doesn’t have to be super deep, these people resonate with you and reflect parts of yourself that you want to hold onto and/or better understand. 

These people will vibe easily with you. When you meet and interact, things just click. Kindred spirits manifest themselves as friends, family members, lovers, pets, or even places. You are attracted to their energy and seem to vibrate on the same frequency with them. 

While these connections do not do much to enhance your spiritual growth, they often offer the support, love, and comfort that you’ll need to keep pushing forward. They share a lot of personality traits with you, making them easy to confide in and making them seem like experts when knowing how to cheer you up or cheer you on. 

Being around them is revitalizing and energizing.

While not all kindred spirits will be in your life forever, they are there for a reason. Your connection is genuine, meaningful, and important, no matter how long or how brief. 


Contrary to popular belief, you can have more than one soulmate and will likely encounter a few of them in your lifetime (if you’re lucky and open). Soulmates are the people in your life that you connect with on a very deep level. More than a kindred spirit, this connection is about your spiritual development. They will often be the truest and most important friends/lovers you will ever have, pushing you to be the best version of yourself because you can be authentically you around them. 

Be aware that sometimes, soulmates manifest in the form of enemies or rivals. These types of soul connections come into your life for the sole (see what I did there) purpose of teaching you valuable and important lessons that will shape the person you become. 

It is also possible for a soulmate to be a platonic friend, romantic lover, or sexual partner.

The good news?

Soul friends are the most common types of soulmates you will encounter in your lifetime. As mentioned, this is different from a kindred spirit in that your connection isn’t based on similar interests and/or overlapping personality traits. It is about touching the deepest essence of yourself. 

These friends will share your dreams, values, and passions. 

Soul companions are a more traditional idea of what you likely believed a soulmate to be. Much like a soul friend, this person is a confidant who shares your essence. However, more than a friend, they will deeply understand the core of you, loving and cherishing you in a way that is unlike love you’ve experienced before. 

They are in your life to help teach you, mold you, and strengthen you for the better (even unintentionally) and their presence is often very long-lasting (if not permanent). 


Your twin flame is your mirror. 

They are the ONE person (& yes, we only get one) who reflects back all of your light, darkness, strengths, and weaknesses. They are a look into your fears and insecurities and a window to your greatest triumphs and most important successes. 

They are there to help you transform yourself into the very best, most whole version of you. While this relationship is often intense, tumultuous, and difficult, the ability to learn how to give in to this person will unlock gifts beyond what you can imagine; an unconditional love that can’t be described or felt. 

They are the yin to your yang ☯️, the peanut butter to your jelly.

Unfortunately, many of us will not meet our twin flame in our first, second, or even third plane of existence. It can take a lifetime or two before this reunion is made (again, if you believe in that kind of thing). But be patient, the twin flame will always find us somehow, someway.

& trust me, when you meet them, you will know. 😉

I hope this helped break down the main differences between these three groups. Personally, while I have yet to meet my twin flame, I know I have met several kindred spirits and a handful of soulmates/soul friends (including my darling husband). 

What about you? Do you believe in kindred spirits, soulmates, or twin flames? Do you believe you’ve met any of these spiritual connections yet?

Let me know in the comments if you have some in your life! Shout them out and celebrate!

Until next time, 

Carry on wifeys & gents!


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