Ways to Live Like a Taurus Queen ♉︎👸🏽 (or King ♉︎🤴🏽).

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

As I mentioned in my last post, this month we will be focusing on topics that capture the best things about the month of May & the qualities (both good and bad) of my personal zodiac sign; Taurus. 

I’ve been hearing a lot of commentary about our qualities and personalities lately. Some of it I can understand and even accept and other elements are simply not true. Whether you believe in astrology or not, please try to remember that most of us believers do NOT use the teachings of the zodiac to excuse our shitty behavior. In fact, any good astrologist will tell you that having an understanding of the commonly associated personality and character traits should aid you in limiting your bad qualities and highlighting your good ones. 

Additionally, any good astrologist should also tell you that your sun sign is only a small part of your personal make up. For example, my sun sign is Taurus, but my rising sign is Scorpio and my moon sign is Sagittarius. These placements matter and some astrologists go as far as to suggest that the sun sign isn’t even all that important (at least not until later in your life). Again, I don’t want to turn this post into one boring astrology lesson, but if you guys have any interest in learning more about rising and moon signs, either Google that ish or let me know in the comments! I am not a professional by ANY means, but I love Tarot and use astrology to help enhance my readings. 

Regardless of your belief structure, if there is one thing I hear over and over again, it’s that the Taurus knows how to kick back and relax. While most of us (at least as far as I’ve seen) have a great balance between work and relaxation, we certainly have a reputation for kicking up our feet and tuning everything else out.

Today, I want to take some of our best stereotypes and let you know how you might apply them to your own life. The Taurus enjoys beauty, pleasure, luxury, food, sleep, security and comfort. If you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, there is no better time than the present to start living your best, or at least a better, life. 

Take Time to Rest 💤

Sometimes, existing and adulting is just plain HARD. Never be ashamed to take a nap or binge watch your favorite show for hours a time (preferably with snacks). Put your feet up, take your bra off, and just “be” in whatever way feels great for you. Sure, they might call you lazy, but if you have all of your shit together then no one can tell you a damn thing 💁🏾‍♀️! & you’d do well to remind them of this fact. You work hard, you take care of business, and you deserve to treat yourself to some R&R (yes, everyday!)

If You Don’t Want to do it, Don’t. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Don’t you get tired of saying “yes” all the time? Don’t get me wrong, once lockdown is over and I can go out again, I don’t want to take my friends and family for granted. Even now, I want to be more open to giving and receiving love from others. I want to be more social and spend more time with the people I love.  HOWEVER, I know I won’t just suddenly turn into someone I’m not.

If you genuinely don’t feel like doing something for or with someone, don’t. You don’t always have to help. You don’t always have to attend. & you definitely don’t need to have a reason why. Sometimes the answer is just “no”. You don’t ever have to light yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Find balance and discernment in what you’ll agree to and what you won’t. No guilt. 

Work Smart, Not Hard 🧠💪🏾

I have always been a person who wants to find the best and most efficient way to get from A to B. Find the systems that work seamlessly and stick to them. Automate whenever you can.

I am a girl about her routine. If I decide to add something into the lineup, I stick to it, knowing that my reward at the end of the day is taking time to rest and relax! Each day has a list of “to do” items that I know I must complete before the lazy girl in me can settle in and take over. Did I work out? Did I read for at least 45-60 mins? Did I get my blog posts or podcasts edited and posted? Did I feed the dog? Meditate?

I get so much pleasure from checking things off of the list and this feeling of pure relief takes over when that list is completely done for the day. You don’t have to be as intense as me, but I encourage you to find ways to maximize your efficiency and cut down on the minutia! If the work is done and done well, don’t obsess.  

Be Honest 🗣

A wise woman once said, “a lie is just a long way to the truth” and that really stuck with me. I understand that we all lie sometimes. Maybe we are embarrassed about the truth? Maybe the truth seems too painful to reveal? Or maybe it’s just a harmless little lie to make someone feel better for a moment? In general, life is SO MUCH happier when you focus on always telling the truth.

Remember, there is a way to talk to people. If the truth is ugly or harsh, find a way to deliver it that honors and respects the people you are dealing with. Remember that, even if you’re stubborn (like me), sometimes your truth isn’t going to be correct or accurate; keep an open mind and know that your mind can change based on new information or facts presented.

More than that, lying means you have to keep up with false details! Psychology tells us that it is MUCH more difficult to remember fabricated information than it is to recall the truth. You might get away with the lie the first few times, but as time goes by, it gets hard to keep track. You will, 8 times out of 10, get caught. 

Eat Now, Ask Questions Never 🍽😋

This is really as simple as it sounds. Craving tacos? Eat some. Want to have that slice of cake after dinner, have it! Please note, I’m not promoting unhealthy eating habits or suggesting that anyone stuff themselves silly. As adults, it’s our job to know what we can/can’t eat and what we should be eating.

Fun fact: I actually HATE the feeling of being full.

If you’re doing your best to eat the good stuff (fruit, veggies, essential nutrients) then don’t spend too much time feeling bad about whatever else you’d like to eat.

It is never wrong to enjoy your food. You don’t have to exercise to make up for extra cheesecake (unless you want to), you don’t have to agonize over a slice or two of pizza or feel guilty when you just don’t want to cook some nights. Eat the food and don’t question yourself. You are strong, healthy, and balanced. Don’t you forget it. 

Drink your water too! 💧

It’s Okay to be Beautiful 💄💅🏽💋

You are stunning. Go stand in the mirror and admire yourself. Spend a few extra minutes brushing & polishing your teeth. Take an extra-long time working on that skincare routine. Take that 30 min shower (as long as you aren’t stealing all the hot water) or a long, luxurious bubble bath. Air dry afterwards and then spend some time rubbing sweet smelling oil into your soft, beautiful skin. Do your hair. Do your makeup. Or don’t, your natural face and hair is just as divine. Smile at yourself. Take a bunch of vain selfies and post them to the gram. Put on your favorite outfit. Do your nails.

It’s okay to be beautiful and to celebrate your beauty. If someone tries to tell you that you’re too confident or cocky, f**k them. You can never love yourself too much. It is your first and most important job. Loving the way you look doesn’t take away from anyone else’s beauty. Believe me. 

And that’s the tea on that. 🐸☕️

Never forget, other people’s opinions of you are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Until next time, 

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


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Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

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