Ask. Believe. Receive: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Manifesting

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

Happy Sunday-Funday, family! I hope you all have been having a wonderful, restful weekend.

Mine has been okay.

Between some killer PMS symptoms and a baby girl who is having some sleep transition struggles, I’ve felt a little emotional and disoriented as of late. I am trying to use today as a chance to recharge my mind and get myself back on track; clean house, clean laundry, groceries, and a EOD bubble bath that can’t come soon enough!

One thing that has been hard for me to come to terms with is the fact that my maternity leave is ending in a week.

This time next Sunday I will be posting my blog amid trying to make sure I am set up for a great first day back at the office (my home office, of course). Is it weird to admit that in addition to being nervous and paranoid that I don’t remember how to do my job, I’m also a little depressed?

I swear, I don’t hate my job and I’m not at all ungrateful to still have one to come back to after 5+ months of very generous family time. Still, I would be lying if I said I loved the idea of having a 9-5 job to report to, in general. People always ask about my dream job and I have a hard time formulating a response.

In short, my dream job is no job. If I had it my way, I’d be home with my daughter, writing blogs, recording videos and podcasts, working on my writing, and being a supportive relationship coach/ally. I’d work for myself on my own terms.

These days, everyone talks about having goals and intentions that will help us start living the life we truly want. While I believe this is hugely important, I also understand that it can be hard to balance health, wellness, mindfulness, and manifesting with a full time job and family (not to mention surviving a pandemic).

When we manifest, we try to bring something into our lives through the act of attraction and belief. This can be something tangible like a career or a new home, or it can be more theoretical (healing, finding love, etc). Either way, your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are the tools you use to construct a purposeful life on your own terms.

Unfortunately, simply asking for what you want and believing that you’ll get it is just the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, in order to walk in your purpose there must also be movement and action on your end! You can ask for a strong, positive relationship to come into your life. You can even believe that you deserve one. But what are you doing to help the universe (or God or whomever) get you there?

What if I told you that there was a way to begin to conquer the manifestation piece without having to make any huge adjustments to your day-to-day life?

Yes, I promise it’s possible! Here’s how:

Do it in your sleep.

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Did you know that you can manifest your dreams without ever having to open your eyes? One of the first steps to manifesting is asking for what you want and visualizing it clearly in your mind. What better way to do this than in your own subconscious? When you are falling asleep at night, use that window as a time to relax and fantasize about your life goals.

Picture yourself doing what you want and living life in this new, amazing way.

Whisper your goals aloud as you drift into sleep.

Cue up a gratitude meditation or positive affirmations to listen to while you rest.

Do it in the shower.

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Like falling asleep, the bath tub or shower can be a great place to be alone and focused on your thoughts. Let the water offer you some calm and healing vibes while you meditate, chant, visualize, or plan. Use that time to come up with ideas or reflect on your progress.

The shower can also be a great time to practice mindfulness and gratitude. If you don’t have the time for a gratitude journal, commit to spending your shower time coming up with your list for the day!

It might seem counterintuitive, but you can also use the shower as a moment to connect with and focus on the present. Being able to appreciate the present moment actually makes for stronger manifesting.

Feel the water and soap on your skin. Notice the temperature, the smell of your body wash, and the sense of relief as you inhale the steam. Appreciate it. Get lost in the experience.

Send yourself a message.

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Again, not everyone has time to journal or create a vision board (though I do recommend doing these things when you do get some downtime). Instead, start sending yourself weekly emails or text messages that remind you of your dreams and what your doing to achieve them!

Send yourself a text to celebrate wins!

Write yourself an email of encouragement when your feeling down, lost, or discouraged.

Put a post-it note affirmation on your wall or bed-frame that you can look to when you need some inspiration or a boost of mental energy.

We spend so much time on our phones and computers, sneaking in 5-10 mins a week to shoot yourself a positive note is the true definition of multi-tasking! Don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss ;-).

Follow with purpose.

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Speaking of being on your phone, if you really want to get serious about manifesting, now is the time to make social media work for you. Set yourself up for success while mindlessly scrolling on social media!

Yes, we love using our platforms to follow friends, family, celebrities, and influencers…but did you know you can curate your timeline to reflect the things you want to achieve?

Looking to get healthy and fit this year? Want to be in a healthy relationship? Trying to quit smoking or drinking?

Follow people who are on the same journey! Follow people who have achieved this goal and want to encourage and inspire others. Follow positive people who offer community and safe support space.

Create a timeline of people who make you feel good about yourself. Create spaces that uplift you and make you want to engage in healthy, non-toxic ways.

Be vocal.

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Affirmations, affirmations, and affirmations.

I understand that it can seem so awkward and uncomfortable to use affirmations in your everyday life. Sometimes it might feel cheesy or dumb.

I promise you, having a hit list of positive affirmations that you can and will repeat to yourself is so key. Affirmations help us to check on and change our energy. The energy we put out into the world is the energy we get back.

How can you manifest your goals if you don’t love yourself enough to think you’re worthy? Affirmations can help us to let go of our limiting beliefs, resistance, and the fears that hold us back. It allows us to be thankful for everything we are receiving and makes space for us to recognize and understand the fortune being laid out for us.

Try things like:

  • I am worthy. I am loved. I am enough.
  • I am whole just as I am.
  • I give myself unconditional love!
  • I feel great about who I am.
  • My life is amazing!
  • I have unlimited power.
  • I believe in myself and my power.
  • Others love me for who I am.
  • I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself.
  • I have all that I need to make today a great day.
  • I acknowledge my own self-worth – my confidence is rising.
  • I let go of any negative feelings about myself or my life, and accept all that is good.
  • I always attract only the best of circumstances and I have the best positive people in my life.
  • I am courageous. I am willing to act and face my fears.
  • I have unlimited power.

Okay, so real-talk, manifesting your goals and dreams is hard-work! Sometimes it can feel hopeless and impossible. Sometimes it will seem like you’re trying so hard and getting nothing in return. When it feels that way, do me a favor and remember this guide! Remember that it’s okay to cheat the system from time to time.

Life is overwhelming. There will be moments when we lose focus and have to fit it in where we can. These tips and tricks are a great place to start, but can also be a great place to come if your old methods just haven’t been working or have felt like too much to handle.

Give them a shot and let me know what you think.

To close, my last tip would be to take a good, long look at your circle (the people you spend your time with). If you have to “move in silence” or keep your dreams and goals to yourself, you might not be surrounding yourself with the best people.

Your circle should be the ultimate lazy manifesting tool! When you don’t have the strength to do it for yourself, they should be the ones getting you hyped up again! They are your cheerleaders when the road is hard and your biggest fans when you knock down another obstacle or overcome another challenge.

Achieving success is easiest when the people around you believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. 😉

Until next time,

Carry on wifeys & gents!


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4 thoughts on “Ask. Believe. Receive: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Manifesting

  1. My manifestations have been taking place anywhere. Life has been hectic lately. But, any time I remember I do take a moment and think of things I want for my life. I like your way too so I will be giving it a try as often as I remember to do so. Thank you, Great post!

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