The I Definitely Do Podcast: Episode 7

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

I know I’m a little early, but Happy Valentine’s Day!

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As you may (or may not) remember, this Sunday is February 14th, which means yet another Valentine’s Day is upon us. In this week’s episode, Mr. B and I weigh in on this silly little holiday and give some of our tips on how to celebrate during such strange times.

We hope you enjoy it and we hope that it helps!

Let us know in the comments if you plan to celebrate this year! Who are you celebrating with and what are you getting into?

Don’t forget that next week we will begin reviewing Season 3 of Temptation Island!

If you’re new to this, I promise you’re in for a good time! Please consider watching along with us and coming back to hear our commentary! We are SO excited and this season seems like it’s going to be crazy and dramatic!

As always, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy recording.

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Until next time,

Carry on wifeys & gents!


Mr. B & Mrs.Renai

🙂 ❤

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