Music Therapy Vol. 1

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

I am so excited for today’s blog that I’m not even going to complain about how awful Daylight Savings Time is…🙄

…Okay, but seriously is this not the WORST time of year?!

I mean, I get it. Everybody wants more sunshine. It makes us happier. We stay outside longer and smile more.

But is it really worth losing a WHOLE hour of sleep?

Is it worth feeling off kilter all friggin day?

Is it worth fighting with your baby over very specific nap times to get her readjusted? 🤨


It’s not.

Fight with your mama, not with me!

I said what I said! 😉

But I digress. I am super excited for this blog because I am introducing a new series that I am really proud of.

As you might know from blogs past, I am a firm believer in music being soul feeding. Whenever I am at my worst, I turn to music to ground me and make me feel seen again. In that spirit, I wanted to start creating and sharing playlists for everyone to enjoy that might help them out when they need it.

I draw from real life when I write my posts, and while I am not personally going through a breakup, I wanted to send love to my homie who is, through song. This break up playlist is meant to let you feel all your feelings; anger, regret empowerment, sadness, acceptance, restoration, shame, guilt, and everything in between.

I highly recommend opening a bottle of wine, putting on a face mask, and allowing the various messages to wash over you. Laugh with the cheesy nostalgia, cry with the melancholy vocals of Chris Martin, vibe with Al Green, sing along, and simply enjoy the experience.

Special thanks to Mr.B, my musical role model, for helping me out with some of his favorites! 😍🎧

Let me know what you think about this list and the new series in the comments. What classics would you want to add?

I tried to include a little something for everyone, but at the end of the day, I am a 30-something black girl and my tastes are my own. Feel free to give me your recommendations anytime 🙂

I promise that my lists won’t always be focused on breakups and sadness, stay tuned for more.

Until next time,

Carry on wifeys & gents!


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