The I Definitely Do Podcast: Episode 21

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

It’s podcast Tuesday, ya’ll! Welcome back.

In this week’s episode we ask ourselves:

  • What would you do if your partner speaks disrespectfully to you in public?
  • Is there more to marriage than love?


  • What do these weird Gen-Z relationship/dating terms actually mean? I’m old you guys….☹️

Do you have a topic you’d like for us to discuss on the show? Leave us a comment or send an email to the blog and we’d be happy to talk it over in a future recording.

Additionally, we were wondering if anyone be interested in a special advice-giving episode? I know we technically do give hypothetical advice but we’d want this to be more interactive.

Basically, you guys can write us with your relationship problems and questions and we will do our best to give our honest and most sincere advice (however goofy and unprofessional).

Think it over. Let us know 😉

As always, we hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoy recording these things. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you have a different opinion or perspective? Want to share your experiences? We would LOVE to hear it all. ❤ ❤

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One thought on “The I Definitely Do Podcast: Episode 21

  1. Wha a Gem at the end! I never can figure out what Toni Braxton is saying most of the time….but I know the couple that Sings together…..IS SOLID! LOL. Hey! I always thought the concept of Love encompassed all the things you guys were speaking about, but I submit, I am a baby boomer. I may look at things through the lens of “old!”
    Disrespectful speech in public…I’d figure my wife must be really pissed! I didn’t realize it until this podcast, but the witnesses might make a difference in how that speech is received….If my wife was angry enough to be that honest, I would have to pull her aside and find out the root. Me?? I don’t think I would ever do that intentionally! But if I did, I would hear. I think a solid relationship may have these kinds of things come up from time to time…IF and WHEN they do, you gotta keep the honest communication flowing. Prepare maybe to hear some harsh stuff…as long as it’s said with Love as the backdrop! 🙂 Enjoy you guys! (Dad!)


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