Year One.

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

Today is my little girl’s first birthday! 🥳🎂

We had a small, outdoor gathering this past Saturday and, while she had a great time, as a COVID baby the crowds were a little overwhelming for her. All things considered, she did really well! She got to meet a good amount of family and friends, and she only cried a handful of times (mostly during her birthday song).

We decided to keep today a bit more low-key. Instead of doing more traditional celebrating, we decided to make the day about her.

We showered her with attention.

She watched her favorite shows and listened to her favorite songs (🎵🎼the wheels on the bus go round and round…🎼 🎵).

She got to eat fried chicken and filipino spaghetti for dinner.

Mama made her a baby-friendly ice cream for dessert.

There was extra splashing at bath time and extra cuddles at bedtime. She knocked out around 6:45p and has been snoozing peacefully ever since, exhausted from playing with new toys and spending quality time with her loving grandma.

She was happy and relaxed; we all were. It was nice. It was exactly what we needed.

I spent some time writing her a letter while I watched a bunch of videos of her I have saved on my phone. As a little tradition, I want to make sure I write her a letter every year on her birthday. One day, I’ll give them to her to read; a time capsule of our growth together.

Maybe that’s cheesy and sentimental? I’m fine with it. 😀

While I won’t bore you all to death with the full letter or expose you the 100+ videos that are taking up too much space in my phone, here’s a bit of an excerpt of both.

My baby Nora Jade:

Today you are one year old. I hope you know that I couldn’t be prouder of the phenomenal little girl you are becoming. You should be so so proud of yourself and all the hard work you have done; learning and achieving so much in these last 52 weeks. I am nothing short of amazed by you.

Mrs.Renai (mama) 8/25/21

Until next time,

Carry on wifeys & gents!



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