The I Definitely Do Podcast: Episode 31

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We are back with season 2 of IDDP and BOTH of us are SO PUMPED to be back in the studio (ie: my walk-in closet), recording new episodes, and trying out some new things! 😀

I hope we haven’t been gone too long. For us it has felt like forever!

To kick things off, this week we discuss:

  • Why men don’t practice self-care?
  • Saying it with a “card [or note, or email, or text].
  • & Ways to improve your communication skills: know your audience

As always, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy recording. 🥰

Please connect with us in the comments and let us know your thoughts on these topics! 

…Or just say hi, we really did miss ya’ll TOO much! 🥺

Don’t forget that we take episode suggestions as well as audience submissions for our mediocre advice. 

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Until next time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


Mrs. Renai & Mr. B

🙂 ❤

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