– My Dear Husband –

I am told that when you reach 5 years of marriage, things change.

Clearly, a lot has changed for us since we’ve been together (let alone got hitched). I find myself regularly thinking about how…

We’ve lived in 4 different, awesome places [including our beautiful, new house].

We’ve welcomed and loved two incredible dogs. [RIP SimonChug]

We’ve changed jobs [a few times, actually] and managed to somehow boost our tax bracket to one that is decidedly “middle class” [for the sake of this post, let’s pretend this is truly a good thing].

Of course, we can’t forget the nearly 2.5 years spent working on bringing our silly little girl into the world.

Together, we [the 3 of us] have survived the pandemic. [Though I still believe we had COVID in Feb 2020]

We have worked through several, intense challenges, including the road blocks we sometimes build-up in our brains; made of fear and insecurities.

We’ve prayed together, cried together, and have chosen to keep seeing each other when we struggle to see ourselves.

Believe me, I don’t say these things to ‘humble’ brag; the cliche trick some couples use when they want others to know how incredible they are by reminding us that they too “struggle”.


I say this because I am still in awe that we’ve come so far and done so much in 9 short years.

With each new milestone, I feel like I need proof. Like I need documentation in case I start to forget how damn lucky we are.

I write this blog as someone who wants to help people navigate various types of relationships (with a particular focus on the romantic ones, obviously). But what I have learned from being in love with you for this long is that a good chunk of successful relationships are based on pure, dumb luck.

No amount of good advice or learning from others’ experiences can guarantee a happy, lasting marriage.

Sure, things are getting “better” as far as divorce rates go; recent studies put it around 40%.

But in addition to having better odds, I firmly believe that we are two people who happen to perfectly fit. While this doesn’t mean that our relationship is perfect, to me, it means that, after years of manifesting, we were lucky that the stars aligned and chose to bring us together.

The universe had helped keep us together.

Does that mean we’re a part of the 60%? I’d like to think so.

We are best friends, we are partners.

I trust you to trust me and I trust that you trust me to trust you.

You understand me.

You feel me.

and I am always shocked at how it’s possible to love you more than I did before. ❤

I am sorry this post is so late, but happy 5th anniversary to the greatest love of my life.

There is no one for me but you.

Please buy me fish tacos if you’re reading this before dinner…teehee.


Your Wifey for lifey,

Enjoy some throwback photos of you and me starting in 2012 and going to 2021. ❤

Also…this little song dedication:


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