May 2020 Gratitude

Wifeys & Gentlemen,

She’s back! 💁🏾‍♀️🥳

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my last post, and while I won’t say that everything is magically just wonderful again, I am feeling better about posting and I have really missed being present in this space.

Now that I am going into the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, I have been feeling like gratitude is so important. As I mention in this video, it isn’t always easy to find things to be grateful for. There are moments where my anxiety takes over and I fear the absolute worst of everything.

I worry about my life and my baby. I worry about my family and my friends. I feel alone, isolated, paranoid, and unlovable.

BUT…then I remember that there are things to celebrate and smile about, if you look for them. & I realize that if I give into fear and panic, my whole life will pass me by. I have to have hope that the seeds we sow today will make a difference tomorrow. If I lose that, I lose everything.

It feels great to be back! I might be altering my posting schedule for a while, but expect to hear from me on a weekly basis again! I hope you enjoy. Please let me know in the comments what things you were most grateful for in May 2020.

While I do not have a theme for the rest of June, I’d like to keep the momentum of positivity going and continue posting things that will help us keep our headspace strong. I am so excited to have you here and I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and sane during these crazy times.

Until next time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


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