Baby, You Deserve A F**KING Break!

Wifeys & Gentlemen, 

Sorry for the harsh language, but it’s recently come to my attention that you’re being way too hard on yourselves and Mrs. Renai can’t let that slide!

I know we all made goals and we are all trying to have a better year than the last. I know I told you to show up and show out for yourself this year in whatever ways are most relevant and meaningful for you. Despite that, stuff is still really really hard. Life didn’t suddenly return to ‘normal’ just because the calendar changed and time marched on.

With everything you have going on right now, don’t you think it’s time you took a break? 

Look my love, I know you’re strong. You have a family to take care of and a job to do. You have to be stable. You have to figure shit out and get yourself together. You have dreams to chase and there isn’t time to slow down, right? 


If no one has said it to you recently, if you’ve been looking for a sign, let this be your wake up call.


& no, sweetie, I don’t mean 15 minutes to eat a sandwich or have a cup of coffee. I don’t mean a 30 minute nap or an extra long shower. I don’t mean a trip to the gym; I mean a break break. 

You need hours (yes hours) of restorative time to unplug and turn that brain off! Period. 
You need a rest day spent doing things that make you feel relaxed, calm, and complete. 

I know it’s easier said than done. Despite having a good handle on my goals and starting the year off strong, I’ve pushed myself to the edge. I have been feeling disconnected from so many things. I close my eyes and dream about driving down a quiet, open road or sitting on a secluded beach listening to the waves crash. Being able to escape mentally is great and all, but when I start feeling this way, I know it’s my cue to take some real downtime and find myself again.

Listen to your head and heart. I bet if you pay attention you’ll realize that your body is begging you to take some time off. 
So please, without guilt, without shame, without worry or fear, make a promise to yourself that sometime between now and the start of February you will take the time you deserve (while being COVID safe, please).

Whatever you need, try to remember that you earned it. I promise… & I wouldn’t lie to you.

Even when you don’t feel like you’re giving enough or pushing enough, even when you think you’re lazy, let my voice ring in your ears and remind you that: YOU 👏🏾 DESERVE 👏🏾 A 👏🏾 BREAK. 👏🏾
Take one.

Don’t make me beg. 😉

Leave me a comment and let me know how you decide to spend your much needed break time! Feel free to offer any suggestions to your fellow #BecomingFam, especially if you have some creative tips to work around COVID restrictions. 

I am so excited to see that this little blog has grown to over 200 members! When we get to 250 I’d like to do something special, so stay tuned.

On that note, don’t forget to subscribe and share! I truly love you guys and so appreciate you sticking with me. ❤


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Enjoy yourselves this weekend, please! & don’t forget to meet me back here this Sunday for a new video!

Until next time,

Carry on Wifeys & Gents!


Be a baby lamb in Pjs and tell your friends about this post! They deserve a break too! 😉

Photo by Maycon Marmo from Pexels

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